CyberMagic Dojo is a new CoderDojo club (Dojo) for young people in our community, as part of the CoderDojo movement.

We’re always on the lookout for new Mentors and Volunteers to help out, whether or not you have any experience in Computer Coding.

volunteer/mentorWhat’s the difference between a Mentor and a Volunteer?

mentor is an individual (with or without technical skills) who guides Dojo attendees and facilitates their learning and project work during the sessions. Mentors can have a preferred area of expertise they like to work in (eg. HTML, Python, graphic design, video, etc.), and this can influence the topics covered in the Dojo. It is also common for non-technical mentors to learn the basics of Scratch to be able to work with beginners.

A volunteer is an individual who helps with Dojo administration and related tasks. For example, parents of regular attendees and individuals who prefer not to work directly with children in the Dojo can help by organising and managing events and registration, updating social media, producing flyers, and more.


CoderDojo is a global, volunteer-led movement of free coding clubs for young people aged 7 to 17.

ninjaAt a Dojo, young people can explore technology and learn how to code in a fun and informal
environment. Young people at a Dojo usually begin by making simple games with Scratch,
before progressing to Python, HTML & CSS and Javascript.

There’s also plenty of room for creativity at a Dojo and young people get the opportunity to create new and exciting projects.

The technical side of things is taken care of with over 200 different projects for the Ninjas to work on. They’re also encouraged to design their own projects, once they have some experience.

You can read more about the CodoDojo Foundation at ​

How to get involved:

We aim to bring coding education to more young people locally. We would greatly appreciate if you could share your knowledge with our young attendees by volunteering with us!

Our Dojo runs fortnightly, but any time you can contribute is appreciated.

This video shows what mentoring at a Dojo is like: ​

Please come along and join us at our next Dojo session! You can contact us at, or use the contact form on the front page 🙂