Data Backups

Your site content could be recovered at any time

No website is protected against hacker attacks. Your website may be affected even by involuntary web site content deletion on your part. Still when using our data backup solution, we’ll easily restore your website content whenever you want. In addition to the day–to–day server backups that we’re carrying out, you can yourself make manual backups of your web site content with a click using the File Manager, which is conveniently located in your Web Control Panel. Simply generate a zipped archive of the folder(s) that you’d like to manually back up and place it in a location of your liking.


A safe web app firewall

All our cloud website hosting packs have ModSecurity automatically. ModSecurity is a compact–size Apache module that does a marvelous job – it acts as a web application firewall software, efficiently shielding all your web sites against hack assaults. What’s more it all happens instantly, without you having to modify or tweak anything. Your websites will become safeguarded the minute you host them with us.

Solid–State Drives

Your web site will be considerably faster with solid–state disks

All new desktop computers and notebooks have solid–state drives and for a reason. SSDs have faster read and write speeds, making everything much faster. Precisely the same will apply to your website in case you host it with Cybermagic Hosting – all the cloud website hosting machines are furnished with solid–state disks and all the sites hosted with us load considerably faster compared to those hosted on classic disk drives.

And the best part is that you don’t have to adjust, tweak or configure anything whatsoever so as to make it work faster.

True Cloud Platform

We’ve designed our own highly customizable cloud website hosting platform using the most recent first–class technologies. Having every service (DNSs, e–mail messages, databases, web apps, etc.) taken care of by a different physical server, your web site content will operate in the cloud and will also be totally shielded against incidental network downtimes and service interruptions.

Faster Performance

We’ve upgraded the network bandwidth up to as much as 10 gigabits per second to ensure better Internet connectivity and blazing–fast speeds for your websites.

Spare hosting servers will simplify server maintenance duties and will minimize tedious service interruptions and network outages. Furthermore, all the user accounts are now located on solid–state drives, which have proven to be much faster and much more dependable in comparison with the standard HDDs.

Multiple Data Centers

Ensure the fastest site load speeds for all your potential visitors

The data center location reflects your site’s loading speed, hence, by picking out a datacenter facility that’s nearest to your potential visitors, you can truly ensure the best Internet browsing experience for them. We offer you a selection of data center facilities on as many as three different continents – Steadfast in Chicago, IL, USA; Pulsant in Maidenhead, United Kingdom, Ficolo in Pori, Finland, Telepoint in Sofia, Bulgaria and Amaze in Sydney, Australia. Each of them offers a stable and riskless cloud website hosting environment with a 24x7 server monitoring service and a 99.9% server uptime guarantee.

Domain Manager

Control all your domain names from a single location

You will be able to easily control all your domains thanks to the Web Control Panel–integrated Domain Manager. With a mouse click, you will be able to lock/unlock a domain name, modify nameserver records, specify custom DNS records, redirect a site, park an unlimited number of domains and even more. Besides, you will be able to register and transfer multiple domain names, hide your own WHOIS details or even secure your e–store with an SSL certificate.

Web App Installer

40+ web applications to pick from

Installing a web app could be a lengthy and uninteresting process. It’s so, unless you have an Web Applications Installer tool with more than forty available web apps, which you can install with one click of the mouse. We’ve made the setup as easy as possible, which means that you no longer need to spend time thinking about how to set up your web application. We will keep your login info within the Web Control Panel if you happen to forget your password.

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