In case you need to create a professionally looking site, but you don't have a lot of experience and are not sure what app to employ, it may help if your Internet hosting company offers an Internet site installer tool. Different from the popular app installers which are essentially just a group of scripts, an Internet site installer will permit you to to choose the most suitable application with respect to the type of site that you want to develop. This will save you the time and efforts to research whether a specific script shall get the job done or not. Just a handful of firms offer site installers, but if you have this kind of a software tool available, you could start your online presence fast and easy. What you'll get will be a ready-to-use website that you could begin customizing according to your taste and requirements using the back office of the newly set up application.

Website Installer in Cloud Website Hosting

We offer you a website installer with every cloud website hosting plan which we offer and you'll be able to access it via your Hepsia hosting Control Panel with only a couple of mouse clicks. The software tool is very user-friendly - pick a domain and the kind of the website that you want to have, type in the login credentials whichyou want to use for the back office and you'll be all set. You will have a large number of templates to select from during the process, so you could save hundreds of dollars on web design services considering the fact that you'll be able to set up a professional website within minutes and at no extra cost. The templates which will appear depend on the kind of website you have chosen and this way you'll be able to create a general-purpose Internet site, a blog, an Internet store or an image gallery with minimum efforts.