A web accelerator is a software which speeds up a website, normally by caching its content. There are various types of accelerators, but in the general case such apps cache static content or database responses and supply them in place of the server, thus boosting the performance of a site greatly. The latter is possible because accelerator applications work faster than a server and not only will a site function better, but the server load shall also decrease, which will enable you to run heavy websites with less resources. We offer three web accelerators with our hosting plans, which will permit you to accelerate any type of website. In comparison, most hosting businesses do not provide any web accelerators or provide one, which limits your choice of web apps if you would like to use this kind of software.

Web Accelerators in Cloud Website Hosting

We provide three of the most popular web accelerators together with our cloud website hosting services and depending on what plan you will select when you sign up, they may already be available or they might be an optional upgrade. Varnish is the most widely used one of them and it can be used for any sort of Internet site. It caches the pages the first time a visitor opens them and provides them at a much faster speed compared to the hosting server each and every time that a visitor opens them again. Memcached is used to cache API and database calls, so it could increase the speed of dynamic sites including online stores, forums or social networks. Node.js is used for scalable web applications and it functions in real-time, which makes it perfect for server-side data processing - chats, browser games, booking portals, etcetera. You'll be able to pick how much memory these accelerators will use and how many instances of each and every one shall run from your Hepsia Internet hosting CP.