InnoDB is a MySQL database storage engine, which has been gaining in popularity lately, as it offers a much better overall performance and a faster database failure recovery compared to the default engine used by the MySQL DBMS – MyISAM. InnoDB is used by numerous programmers that create highly scalable software apps, due to the fact that it works more effectively with large data volumes, while it keeps the server load low. Furthermore, it locks only a single row in the database if any information should be modified, while lots of other engines lock the entire database table and therefore require much more time to accomplish several consecutive tasks. Last, but not least, InnoDB adheres to a set of "all-or-nothing" rules – if the entire data modification process cannot be completed successfully for whatever reason, the operation is rolled back to prevent confusion or the loss of data. Magento and the latest Joomla releases are two examples of popular PHP-driven software platforms which have moved to InnoDB.

InnoDB in Cloud Website Hosting

You will be able to make use of any PHP-driven web application that needs InnoDB in case you’ve got a cloud website hosting with us, as the database engine is available on our advanced cloud website hosting platform by default. Throughout the app activation – manual or automatic, InnoDB will be selected as the default engine and the setup will continue impeccably if this engine is needed. You can install applications that require the MyISAM engine without any problem as well and, once again, the engine will be pre-selected, so you won’t have to change any setting manually at any moment. What’s more, we will also generate regular backups of all the MySQL databases that you’ve got in your shared account, so in case you erase or overwrite something, we can quickly get it back to the way it was on any of the previous 7 days.