The CyberMagic Dojo Consitution

1. Title

The CoderDojo club known as the CyberMagic Dojo, will hereinafter be referred to as ‘the Dojo.’

2. The main objective

To facilitate a free, safe, and fun learning opportunity for young people aged 7 to 17, where they can learn to code, and discover and understand technology in a sociable and informal learning environment.

This will be achieved by establishing a club (Dojo) in which youths can meet regularly to learn new and important skills.

At the Dojo, they will learn how to build websites, apps, video games, and much more. All activities relating to the Dojo are to be carried out in accordance with the CoderDojo charter, available here:

3. Membership

Membership is entirely voluntary for both adults and young people who wish to be involved. The Dojo is free to join and attend, and this is central to the CoderDojo ethos. No person should ever be asked to contribute financially in order to join or attend a Dojo.

CoderDojo is an inclusive movement which believes in providing equal opportunities for all. A young person or volunteer will never be refused admission on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or other factors.

Volunteer positions are open for adults, with or without technical skills, who are interested in advancing the Dojo’s objectives. A volunteer shall apply to become a member and be approved by the organisers of the Dojo. Membership is subject to the completion of relevant background checking, as outlined in our Child protection policy.

4. Child protection policy

Keeping young people safe is of paramount importance to the Dojo. Our child protection policy complies with the Safeguarding policy of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, who are a partner in the CoderDojo Foundation. Their full Safeguarding Policy can be downloaded by clicking this link.

5. Constitution

The Dojo is a non-profit organisation which is run by volunteers. The officials of which shall consist of:
Equipment Officer
Child protection officer

The affairs of the Dojo shall be managed by these officers, all to be appointed by mutual agreement. The champion shall have the authority to appoint other officers if deemed necessary.

6. Meetings

The Dojo shall be hosted as regular sessions at the frequency of [state day and time of Dojo sessions]. Changes to these session dates shall be decided at least two weeks in advance, and notifications will be sent to all members in good time.

Volunteer meetings shall take place as required, but not less than four times each year. In the absence of the champion, the meeting shall be run by a Dojo member decided by those present. Three members must be present at any given meeting to constitute a quorum.

7. Fundraising

Occasionally, the Dojo may engage in fundraising in order to advance its objectives, or to cover some unavoidable costs. This will be done through, for example private donation and/or sponsorship.

8. Accounts

An income and expenditure account for the period to the end of December of each year shall be prepared and presented for approval at a pre-arranged volunteer meeting. Any deficits in the end of year accounts shall be addressed.

9. Adoption

These rules were adopted at the volunteer meeting held on dd/mm/yyyy.

These rules shall not be altered, nor any new rules added, except by a majority vote of the members at a volunteer meeting, on the written notice of such proposed changes being given at least four weeks in advance.